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Slats are made from a Polymer Elastomer with many advantages over steel and plastic. With its resistance to abrasion, bending, and breaking, it outlasts steel and plastic many times over.
No more bent slats. With their built-in memory they always return to their original position
The aggressive slat design will efficiently deliver material, resulting in better feeding
and less grain loss because of reduced slugging.
No more expensive down time because of a broken steel slat entering the combine
When using the Elastomer Slats, there is less noise in the cab, as well as
reduced wear on feeder-housing components
Slats are bolted for easy service.
Overall weight of the feeder chains is reduced by up to 60% to extend the
life of the chains and bearings.
Available for most conventional and rotaries as a complete assembly
Field tested in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Feeder Chains
Roller Bars
Dealers (coming soon)

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